Xtreme Roan Adventures Leaders, Jennifer and Jeremy Stout, share information about the 100-Inch Hike and the Geology of Roan Mountain

100-inch_hike-Xtreme-Roan-Adventures100-Inch Hike

Awesome Xtreme Roan Adventures leaders, Jennifer and Jeremy Stout, share information about the 100-Inch Hike and the Geology of Roan Mountain Adventures that are two of the 23 Adventures coming July 26 & 27, 2013 at Roan Mountain State Park.

One question was emailed to us asking “What is the 100-Inch Hike?” Jennifer Stout is the Adventure Leader for that activity. She explains that it is a way to help young Adventurers “see small things in a big way.”
Have a listen: http://www.roanmountainradio.com/


Another exciting Xtreme Roan Adventure: Geology of Roan Mountain will be lead by Jeremy Stout. Listen as he describes the Geology Hike as more than just rocks. This is going to be an Adventure of discovery.  (Be sure to listen to all of Jeremy’s recommendations and his “guarantee.”

Pass this along to a friend. Adventures like these are meant to be shared!

Go here to see the awesome schedule of twenty-three Adventues to choose from: XRA Schedule.

Here is the link to the registration: XRA Registration

Too much for One Day: Xtreme Roan Adventures spills over into Friday evening!

Hello Adventurers!!Xtreme Roan Adventures -Stream Ecology

The XRA Registration forms are up!

And the schedule is pretty well firmed up.

FRIDAY NIGHT – July 26 – “just about sundown”
* no registration required *
Bats of Tennessee,
Owl Prowl,
Nature at Night Walk,
Moth Party,Xtreme Roan Adventures - reptiles

SATURDAY – July 27
* Registration required *
8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Xtreme Roan Adventures - Salamander Hikeregistration
9:00 a.m. – 75-minute Hikes
– Bird Banding
– Salamanders and Snakes Hike
– Geology Hike
– Junior Scavenger Hunt
– Salamander 2Xtreme Roan Adventures - Bird Banding
10:30 a.m. – 75 minute Hikes
– Junior 100-inch Hike
– Orienteering
– Animal Tracking
– Stream Ecology
– Insects
11:00 – 3:00 p.m.- Exhibits and Nature Crafts
– Birds of Prey
– Fossil Casting
– Skins & Skulls
– Reptiles
12:00 – 1:30 p.m. – Lunch
1:00 p.m – Door prizes
1:30 p.m. – until
– Owl Pellet DissectionXtreme Roan Adventures - Appalachian Trail Hike
– Butterflies
– AT Hike / Baatany Goat Project

What a great day of Adventure!

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2013 – Xtreme Roan Adventures is July 27

Hello Adventurers!!

This is going to be a really great year for Adventure on Roan Mountain.

Check out some pictures from last year.  <click here>

Friday night, July 26, 2013, is shaping up to be a lot of fun: moths, bats, owls, stars and  . . .

Remember, we have reserved two of the group camping areas right behind the amphitheatre for Adventurers. 
Let us know if you or your group need a reservation.

Saturday, July 27, 2013, is  a full day of Adventure starting at 9:00 a.m.

Salamanders, Stream Ecology, Orienteering, Geology, Animal Tracking, Insects, Birds of Prey, Reptiles, Butterflies, Nature Crafts, Skins & Skulls, and . . . . .

Winter Adventure – Winter Naturalists’ Rally – February 16

Hello Adventurers!

Join us on Saturday,  February 16, for the 6th Annual Friends of Roan Mountain Winter Naturalists' Rally.
Start the morning by the fireplace in the Roan Mountain State Park Conference Center.

Some of our favorite research biologists will be speaking:

    •    Xtreme Roan Adventures leader, Nora Schubert, will discuss her research on the golden-winged warbler on the mountain.

    •    Famous goatherd, Jamey Donaldson, will bring us up to date on the Baatay Goat Project and his new research on the extremely rare green alder balds of Roan Mountain.

Then your choice of hikes in the afternoon. Including another XRA favorite: Marty Silver, leading an animal tracking hike along the Doe River.
A good day to get out of the cabin and on the mountain.  Share the Adventure with friends.

Here is the full schedule of speakers and hikes: Winter Naturalists' Rally brochure

Registration is easy and affordable for the whole family: Winter Rally registration.

'see you on the mountain !

Ken, Nora, Larry
(423) 538 – 3419

Have a Roan Mountain Christmas

Here are two great ideas for a Roan Mountain Christmas:

Baa-iley the Goat book

The Baa-iley the Goat book would bake a great Christmas gift for a little Adventurer. This book helps to support the Baa-tany Goat Project. The Baa-tany Goat Project is the effort to preserve and restore  the Grassy Balds by using Angora goats in the summer to stop the invasive blackberries from taking over.

Go here to order yous today: http://www.mountaintrailpress.com/

or go by the Roan Mountain State Park Visitor's Center Gift Shop (423) 772-3303,

or email me, Ken@XtremeRoanAdventures.org



Roan Mountain: History of an Appalachian Treasure

For more Adventure, this is the best  book on all of Roan Mountain. Jennifer Bauer's Roan Mountain: History of an Appalachian Treasure is the most complete book on the Roan. She has been actively studying and writing about the Roan since she was a little girl. This is a great resource for any Adventurer.

Get your copy at the Roan Mountain State Park Visitor's Center Gift Shop (423) 772-3303

or email me, Ken@XtremeRoanAdventures.org

Kid’s Naturalists’ Rally

2012 – Xtreme Roan Adventures slideshow

Click here for more pictures: 2012 Xtreme Roan Adventures,




Joe McGuiness explains what to expect at the Animal Tracking hike.



'see you on the mountain.


Larry, Ken, Nora