Only 3 weeks until ADVENTURE!

Garry Barrigar gets in the ceek with the Adventurers.It is almost here! The Xtreme Roan Adventures 2014!

Check out the Wet & Wild Adventure with Adventure Leader Gary Barrigar.

** CREEK SHOES REQUIRED ** Spare dry socks are also a good idea.

The kids will be searching  for different kinds of wildlife in the Doe River.

Only 4 weeks until ADVENTURE!

Xtreme Roan Adventures
at Roan Mountain State Park

The Battany Goat Adventure on the Appalachian Trail,
Saturday, July 26.

It is an out-n-back hike. Meaning that if you get hallway tired before the destination, just turn around and walk out the way you came.

It is about a 1-1/2 miles each way, but there is no time limit. 

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Friday evening, July 25, is a free sample of Night Adventures.

Saturday is an all day circus of excitement for ‘children of all ages”.
Just take a look at this XRA schedule.

Ya-hoo! Only 4 weeks until Xtreme Roan Adventures (July 25 & 26) at Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee.

Only 5 weeks until Adventure!

ONLY 5 weeks until the Xtreme Roan Adventures at Roan Mountain State Park.

XRA-Butterfly-AdventureMore information on the Butterfly Adventure go here and hear Adventure Leaders give a brief preview on what to expect on the Butterfly Adventure.

The Butterfly Adventure will be on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. It will start at the Conference Center at Roan Mountain State Park.




 And how about some Friday Night Adventure?

Connie-Deegan-bat-house_optAdventurer Leader Connie Deegan from the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Department will lead a Bats Adventure on Friday, July 25, 2014. This Adventure is free to everyone. It will be at the Roan Mountain State Park Amphitheater at dusk. Go here to listen to a preview with  Connie.  

More Adventures on the XRA-SCHEDULE

Registration is open!  Go here to download forms and information: REGISTRATION.

If you want to share in the FREE camping space in the tow XRA Group Campsites send m an email:


Xtreme Roan Adventures only 6 weeks away!

Xtreme Roan Adventures
at Roan Mountain State Park

Adventure Leader, Ranger Meg Guy, shows some of the Parks favorite reptiles.

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 Friday evening, July 25, is a free sample of Night Adventures.

Saturday is an all day circus of excitement for ‘children of all ages”.
Just take a look at this XRA schedule.

Natural-Nature-Art and Artist


Nature crafts. and a whole porch full of Adventures! This is a great place for energy conserving Adventures.

And while the sites last, we have some tent sites available in the group camping area.
Free while they last. Send me an email:

Xtreme Roan Adventures – just 9 weeks away!

Live Birds of Prey Adventure

Xtreme Roan Adventure - Birds of Prey Adventure Leader Frank Read and FriendGet up close and personal with hawks, owls and vultures with the Live Birds of Prey Adventure!  Xtreme Roan Adventure Leader, Frank Read, will explain why these birds are important and need to be protected.

Frank is a Birds of Prey Specialist at the Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, TN.  He and his feathered friends will be on the porch of the Roan Mountain State Park Conference Center during the lunch break activities.

This is a great learning experience for the whole family. Mom and Dad will learn as well as the Junior Adventurers.Birds of Prey Leader Frank Read is excellent family entertainment at the Xtreme Roan Adventures


 For a look at more Xtreme Roan Adventures see the schedule here.

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What do Adventurers do at the Winter Naturalists Rally?


Xtreme Roan Adventurers at the Winter Naturalists Rally

What do Adventurers do at the Winter Naturalists Rally?

Animal Tracking in the snow!
Great winter Adventure.

Next Adventure: Spring Naturalists Rally: April 25,26 &27

Planning is already in the works for the 2014 Xtreme Roan Adventures: July 25 & 26.

Get ready for some new Adventures!

Awesome Kid’s Nature Rally – Xtreme Roan Adventures a roaring success

What a blast!Xtreme Roan Adventures - Owl Prowl with mark Hopey

Ninety-six Adventurers at the Friday night Owl Prowl – Moth Party – Bats – Nature at Night Hike. Even the late night downpour didn’t dampen the spirit of Adventure. Great time.

Saturday morning started a little wet too, but that did n’Two Adventurers on the Xtreme Roan Adventures Appalachian Trail hiket s low down the Adventures or Adventurers!Xtreme ROan Adventures - owl pellet dissection

More pictures coming soon to XRAdventures on Flickr.

Xtreme Roan Adventures – 1 week away!

Xtreme Roan Adventures Start Here

Hello Adventurers!

Several people have emailed and called with questions about the Xtreme Roan Adventures. That tells me that there are probably a lot more questions out there that haven’t been asked yet. Here are some of the questions that have been asked: (Click her to listen to some more Questions and Answers on Roan Mountain #015.)

Questions from New Adventurers:

Do we have to pay for each hike?

  • No. The Friday evening Adventures are free to everybody. All of the Saturday Adventures are included in the $4.00 fee.  This lets you to choose your Adventure and talk with the leader to be sure that the Adventurer is right for you.

Do we have to decide which hike when we sign up?Xtreme Roan Adventures leaders

  • No.  The Adventure leaders will be available to answer your questions before each hike. They will be holding signs to help identify your Adventure. If you have any questions or concerns about how difficult or wet or Xtreme the Adventure will be, this is your chance to ask the leader. If it doesn’t sound like what you are looking for, then go ask about another Adventure. We want this to be an enjoyable learning and fun outdoors Adventure for everybody.

Do I (mother) have to go with them on the hikes?

  • Yes. A responsible adult must accompany the kids. The leaders will be teaching and exploring and leading the group. They will not be able to watch all the kids at all times.

Do the adults have to pay too?

  • Yes.  Each person pays the same amount.

Xtreme Roan Adventures – Schedule

Xtreme Roan Adventures – Adventure Map

Xtreme Roan Adventures – Registration