Awesome Adventures

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Hello Adventurers!

Great Adventure!

The Xtreme Roan Adventures was Awesome.

The Free Friday Night Adventures attracted 126 Adventurers.  Jeremy Stout, Director of the Nature Center at Steele Creek Park, wowed the crowd with his Skins & Skulls Adventure.

Seasonal Interpretive Ranger, Joe Nowotarski, proved that he is the Swiss Army knife of park rangers. There were about sixty Adventurers on his Nature at Night Hike. He handled it in a very professional manner.  (Planning is already underway to be better prepared for this kind of success next year.) 

We will be posting more pictures from this year’s Adventures on the Xtreme Roan Adventures website: Xtreme Roan If you have pictures that you would like to share send them to: 


Great Day of Adventure! 

So many Adventures!
                So many Adventurers! 

The Saturday Adventures started at 9:00 a.m. and some of the Adventurers didn’t get off of the mountain util 6:00 p.m. That was a full day of Adventure!

Here, Rachael Lowman, a Friend of Roan Mountain member, is showing one of her bug exhibits to the Adventurers. She was the co-leader with Larry McDaniel of the Creepy Crawlies Adventure.

Rachael has also raised Monarch butterflies from eggs and has presented Monarch Programs at the Roan Mountain State Park.

(Photo submitted by Dane, Thomas, & Bryn’s friend, David Buckles,)



The Xtreme Roan Adventures could never happen without the great volunteers. They give of their time, their energy, and travel at their own expense.  Be sure to thank them for supporting the Xtreme Roan Adventures when you visit their parks and sites.

Baa-tany Goat Project
Bays Mountain Park
Blue Ridge Wildlife Institute
Friends of Roan Mountain
Girl Scout Troop 263 – Kingsport TN
Gray Fossil Site
Johnson City Parks and Recreation Dept
Roan Mountain State Park
Steele Creek Park Nature Center
U. S. Forest Service



Xtreme Roan Adventures .org

Roan Mountain State Park – Program Calendar – July 30 – Aug 3.

Friends of Roan Mountain

Fall Naturalists Rally – Sept 5-6-7 – brochure

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